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Pet dog training for the whole family

Helping you build clarity with your dog, so you can enjoy all of life's adventures, together. 

No more bolting through the door

Better household manners

More enjoyable

We help families like yours tackle frustrations like these...

"My dog doesn’t have any manners and it’s embarrassing"

"My dog pulls me down the street, so we can't enjoy walks together"

"I want to find a fun activity to help him burn off energy"

"My dog won't settle, and it's exhausting"

"My dog bolts out the front door, and I'm worried she'll get hurt"

"I want my kids to learn how to better interact with my dog"

We believe you deserve better communication and a more fulfilling relationship with your dog!

We know finding that balance can feel overwhelming, and we take pride in guiding families who love their dogs and are ready to invest in a better life together.

- L.L.

"I am MUCH calmer which helps in communicating with my dog and has helped our relationship. Sam is very knowledgeable with dog behaviors and gave me several ideas to help my relationship with my dog"

-Linsdey S.

"We were so pleased with our experience with Sam. Watson loved Sam and I loved that it was at our house in an area that he is going to be in daily...She listened to our requests and worked on things that we thought we needed.

-Rein Family

"Razor responds to all commands we worked on with Sam. He is much more obedient and has great walking manners around the neighborhood!"

What our clients are saying...


Meet Your Trainer

Hey there! I'm Sam, and I'm the owner and trainer here at Adventure K9. I'm also a mom, a wife, and fellow dog owner, so I understand what it's like to want a balanced household dynamic with dogs.  

In my training career, I've gained knowledge and experience from not only the pet dog side, but also the working and sporting realms as well.  There is so much to learn from all sides of the dog training spectrum, so I am thankful to have insight in more than one aspect. 

I'm passionate about helping families form strong bonds with their four-legged family members through structure, consistency, and play.  I understand that every dog is different, and every family dynamic is different, so there's no "one size fits all" method for every team. 

There are so many fun ways to explore the world with your dog, and I'd love to help you find something that gets you excited to train with your dog, too!


Professional Affiliations

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Our Promise to You:

We will love and respect your dog

Your trust in us to care for your dog means the world to us. Your dog will be treated like one of our own.

We train the whole dog in front of us

Each dog is unique, so your training plan will be customized to each individual dog, including health, obedience, and fulfillment.

We offer options for continued training

Once we set a foundation, and you realize how awesome you your dog truly is, we offer membership plans to elevate your training going forward.

What you get

  • Personalized training plan

  • Day Training happens in YOUR home, without the need for you to step away from work while your dog gets quality time with the trainer

  • Your dog learns to relax, giving you a more peaceful home

  • Learn household best practices that bring balance to your relationship with your dog

  • Find fulfilling ways to play with your dog, building a stronger bond and more joy

  • Ongoing support

You get all this, plus the confidence you and your dog are living your best lives when you contact Adventure K9 Dog Training today!

3 Way to Train with Us!

Day Training

Your trainer comes to your home and works with your dog for an hour each time.
You do not need to be present at each session


After you've completed a day-training program, we offer continuing education training memberships on a monthly and semi-monthly basis. 

Dog Parkour

Join us, April-Sept, for small group classes to learn the sport of Dog Parkour! 
Build your dog's body awareness, confidence, and natural fulfillment.


"Sam with Adventure K9 is a miracle worker!!...Needless to say, life with a toddler, infant and puppy left puppy training as last on our list. We decided when our dog Lemon was about a year old we needed to do something. She was basically unwalkable (very distracted outside), stealing everything, not listening. We wanted to enjoy our dog and be able to do things with her. Adventure K9 to the rescue! Sam worked with our girl, taking things slow and at a pace that Lemon was comfortable. She listened to our concerns and wishes and tailored the training to what we wanted. We can now walk Lemon (with a stroller ) and she is listening much better. We still work with her daily, but life is much more enjoyable. Cannot thank Sam enough for proving the foundation we needed."

- Chelsea I.

Where to Find Us

Serving Erie, CO
and surrounding areas

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