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Our Programs

All of our programs consist of private lessons, taking place in the comfort and convenience of YOUR home.
Because, why not put in the work where your pup spends most of their time?

Good Dog (Household Manners)

Is your dog pretty good, most of the time? Maybe there’s just that one (or two) thing(s) that you struggle with. You’re not alone, and I’m here to help!  Let’s talk about and work through some of the most common concerns dog owners have.  We’ll nix the jumping, squash the door bolting, show your dog that it’s a GOOD thing to come when you call him, and give you some tips and tricks so everyone feels more relaxed at home.  

This program is perfect for the family who wants to get a few things under control around the house, and is typically achieved in 4 lessons.

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Dog Scouts (1-week day-training)

Ok, so perhaps you’re looking for guidance with a few more things besides the ones above.  Maybe you tried a puppy class at a Big Box Store, but wished you’d gotten a bit more out of it. Maybe your arm is starting to feel the afterburn of all that pulling on walks.  Or, maybe you’re stressed from playing referee between the kids and the dog every day.  Life happens and things slip through the crack, but I can help with that! Yes, even with your dog!  In addition to learning good household manners, I’ll teach your dog to stop pulling on the leash, so you can get back to enjoying our 300 days of sunshine, and we’ll help your dog to relax on a Place cot, so you can let the kids build a fort in the living room, or enjoy dinner together without *someone* begging for a bite (the dog, not the toddler). Imagine a less stressful home life and more pleasant walks. 

PLUS, a bonus, you can schedule one extra training session with me, at any point, as a refresher for you and your pup. You’ll also receive my Lifetime Support Guarantee! For the life of your dog, you have access to me for any questions that pop up along the way; just reach out!

This program is great for the family that is looking for a deeper dive into training, with the convenience of a trainer doing the bulk of the work upfront, and is typically achieved in 5 day-training sessions with a couple private lessons for follow-up. This is also great for starting good habits with your young puppy!

Current Pricing

Adventure Dog (3-week day-training)

Consistency, Convenience, and Clear results, all from the comfort of your home!  Ready to make some changes, but feeling overwhelmed with how to start, or embarrassed about how your dog acts around others?  Maybe you wish you could enjoy a walk together or to be able to bring Ace to food truck night in the neighborhood?  I hear you, and YES, we can help you with those goals!   Imagine calling your dog from the back door and she happily comes to you the first time you call her. Imagine opening your door and not having to worry about chasing your dog across the street for the third time this week. We’ll educate you on leashes and collars, and teach your dog not to pull on the leash, so that you can both enjoy your walks again! And we’ll help your dog to settle around different distractions so you can take him along to more places (that’s what adventure buddies are for, right?)  We can even take field trips to local pet-friendly locations to practice skills in new places. If you’re interested in dog sports (like Nose Work, Parkour, or Rally Obedience), we can spend some time introducing you and your dog to a fun sport, so you have a fun way to build a stronger bond and burn some of that excess energy!
Have comfort in knowing your dog is getting personalized attention and training, and peace of mind that you have support from the human side of things, too.

PLUS, with this program, we’ve added some bonuses just for you:

  • 1. A Place Cot is included with this program.

  • 2. Lifetime Support Guarantee. That means you don’t have to worry about being on your own once our time together is up – just give us a shout and we’re here to help guide you for the LIFE of your dog.  

  • 3. Unlimited* Future Lessons – Invest in training for life!  Once our initial sessions are over, you still have access to a lifetime of lessons.  Want to practice leash walking in a public place? Work toward a Canine Good Citizen title?  Learn more about a dog sport?  We can do that! *As often as once per Quarter, for the life of your dog.


This ​program is perfect for the family that wants to truly invest and take training to the next level. Results are typically seen after 3 weeks of daily lessons (including weekly debrief sessions with you), and with private lessons as follow-ups.

Current Pricing

Dog Parkour Group Class

Interested in finding a fun activity for you and your dog to do together? Dog Parkour is a wonderful sport that can be done by all dogs, big or small, young or old.  Building confidence through careful interactions with  environmental obstacles like boulders, brick walls, trees, and recreational equipment, dog parkour helps your dog gain confidence, control, and body awareness. 

Join us on Sunday afternoons at local Erie parks to have some fun and give your dog exposure to other dogs in a controlled and safe environment
! Each group of sessions consists of four 1-hour classes.


Current Pricing

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